The Defoe Society Listserv

What is a listserv?
A listserv is an electronic mailing list that allows for communication among individuals interested in a certain topic. Each subscriber has the opportunity to post his or her ideas to the listserv and have these ideas distributed to all members.

How do I join the Defoe Society Listserv?
To join the listserv, send a message to Manushag Powell at requesting that you be added. You may also send a message to the same email address should you choose to unsubscribe from the list.

How do I post to the listserv?
Once you are a member of the listserv, please address e-mails to the list to

How do I respond to messages post on the listserv?
With e-mails sent to the listserv, press "Reply All" to reply to the whole list or "Reply" to respond only to the individual who sent the original e-mail.